You pay only your pro-rata share of allowable flight costs. Pilots are not compensated. Allowable flight costs include fuel oil, certain airport costs or rental fees. When you schedule a trip you will see the estimated amount of your costs based on the trip itinerary and the make and model of the aircraft. Your actual costs may vary due to normal variations in a flight's time, such as idling on a runway. Upon completion of the trip, the pilot will inform you of any adjustments.
Most pilots listing flights on AirPooler fly small single-engine piston airplanes that carry from 2 to 4 passengers (including pilot). The specific make and model of airplane is listed on the detailed description page for all flights.
The AirPooler system lets you search for flights by point of origin and destination.
When you find a flight that meets your requirements, you can either ask the pilot a question or submit a flight request. Pilots will respond within a few hours.
You will receive an email notification from AirPooler with the pilot's cell phone, email and specific instructions for meeting up at the airport. You can also access this information on your “My Flights” page on the AirPooler website.
Weight limits will vary by type of aircraft and number of passengers; specific weight and luggage limits for all flights are set by pilots and displayed on the flight listing pages. As a prospective passenger, you will be asked to provide your weight and that of any individuals in your party when you submit a request. Weight limits are extremely important on smaller aircraft; therefore we ask that you submit accurate information and respect any luggage restrictions. Pilots may refuse to carry any passengers who submit inaccurate information.
No. Federal regulations prohibit private pilots from accepting compensation from passengers.