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  • Get away more often while having fun and saving lots of time

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  • Save money, fly more

  • Easily post flights for which you have passenger capacity for free

  • Passengers pay their pro-rata share of FAA-allowed costs

  • AirPooler calculates allowed share costs for any flight and handles all payment details

  • You decide who you fly with

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Sharing a flight in a light plane lets you go three times farther than driving, without the hassle and for much less than you'd think.
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What is AirPooler?

AirPooler pairs pilots and passengers who share common destinations.  If you've flown in a private plane before, you know how fun and convenient it can be.  If you haven't, get introduced to a whole new world of leisure travel experience.

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Pilots in Command:  A few things you should know

AirPooler is designed and intended to facilitate ride-sharing under a common-purpose, cost-sharing scenario as permitted by Federal Aviation Regulations.

"Common purpose" means:  The destination is determined by you, the pilot in command, not the passengers; you and passengers have bona fide reasons to make the flight; and your purpose for making the flight is not merely to transport the passengers to the destination.  If you were to list flights simply to take passengers, we believe you would likely be in violation of section 61.113 (a).

Federal regulations set strict limitations on cost-sharing.  As a pilot, you "may not pay less than the pro-rata share of the operating expenses of a flight with passengers, provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees."  AirPooler's estimates of a passenger's pro-rata shares reflect permitted expenses.  If you were to collect additional payments or compensation of any kind from passengers, we believe you would likely be in violation of 61.113 (c).

All destination information, departure times and the like displayed on this website are intended as a convenience for users and are solely at the discretion of the pilot in command of any flight.